8 Tips to Healthier Travel

When you first think of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling, you might be overwhelmed by all the unhealthy food options and obstacles, especially if you’re following a diet. I’m here to provide you with some tips to healthy traveling!

1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

It’s super important to stay hydrated. Traveling often makes you dehydrated, which could lead you to make unhealthy choices you wouldn’t normally make, such as grabbing a bottle of pop instead of a water—and most importantly you can get a dehydration headache, which is no fun while on vacation. I love to bring my own water bottle from home because it’s convenient and it saves money. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly! Airports are starting to put in filtered, contactless water bottle refill stations, so you can fill your water bottle up after security. Drink up!

2. Pack Your Own Snacks

It’s important to plan ahead and bring some of your healthy snacks from home. I like to bring turkey pepperoni sticks, protein bars, and almonds. It’s easy to pack those in a purse or backpack so that whenever you are hungry you can grab a quick, easy, and healthy snack. This is a cost saver tip too because then you don’t have to keep purchasing a lot of snacks (which are probably not as healthy either). This is helpful for any kind of travel whether you’re flying or driving.

3. Use Stairs

My husband and I try and use the stairs whenever there is an opportunity. This adds cardio activity and steps while traveling. Sometimes, the stairs are actually quicker than waiting in line to get on an escalator. Many times there are completely empty stairs right next to a packed escalator. Small choices like that really can add up over the long run!

4. Research Gyms

It’s important to research gyms close to your hotel. Almost every hotel or cruise I stay at has a nice fitness center. However, not every one has a Peloton bike to workout on. So, it’s nice to do a little research before to see what’s available. I did research before I went on the Wonder of the Seas and I found out that they had the first Peloton bike on their cruise line.

When I travelled to La Jolla, California I researched Orangetheory studios close to my hotel—and there was one within walking distance! It was fun trying a new studio in a different city! If working out is part of a routine you love, why not include it in your vacation?

5. Research Walking & Running Routes

My husband loves to run and he researches the best running routes near the hotel before we leave on a trip. He looks on Google maps and Strava to see the route and then he has an idea of how long it will take and where it will go. For example, at Aulani in Oahu there is a beautiful path right by the ocean where he got in a couple of great morning runs! I was actually able to see him from our hotel room while he was running and it was great to know that he had the route planned out and when he’d be back. Sometimes you can even find some great “local” trails as well. Running also is a great way to explore a new place and to “scope out” places to visit later.

A trip to Disney World involves a lot of walking in itself—sometimes you can easily reach 20,000 steps daily. So on a trip like that, just think about all the walking you’re going to do in general and incorporate it into your fitness plans.

6. Research before Dining

It’s always fun to try new restaurants and it’s easier to make healthier choices when you look up the menu before you go to the restaurant. Also, it’s wise to pre-plan your meal when you are not super hungry. For example, you can decide if you are going to have the full prepared meal or sub out other healthier options. Also, you can plan on only eating half of your meal and taking the rest back to your room (if you have a refrigerator) or splitting it with someone—another cost saver tip!

7. Bring Your Own Drink Flavor Enhancers

I love my coffee and my alcoholic beverages, but adding all those additional sugars often makes me not feel too good and adds a lot of extra calories. For coffee, I like to bring Skinny Mixes Sugar Free syrup in a small travel bottle. Then, I can squirt a small amount in my coffee without extra sugars and calories. For alcoholic beverages, I like to bring Crystal Light or Mio flavor enhancers in a small travel bottle too. I order a vodka soda and then add the flavor enhancers to the drink. This cuts back on a lot of sugars and calories as well. My husband drinks his coffee black, but my poolside “Mio cocktails” are a big hit. You can even get flavors like piña colada and sangria!

8. Head to the Grocery Store at Your Destination

I like to book a room with a full kitchen because I am able to go to the grocery store or have groceries brought to the hotel with a service provider. At Aulani, we were there for 11 nights and we had a car, so we went to the grocery store and I was able to get healthy food for meals and snacks. For breakfast, I was able to make oatmeal with yogurt and blueberries rather than hotel restaurant or grab-and-go options. For lunches, I had a wrap and a salad instead of eating at the pool restaurant with less-healthy options. Having a full kitchen is definitely something to consider when you are planning your trip, especially considering whether or not it would be healthier and more cost-beneficial. Sometimes the extra cost of having a hotel kitchenette balances out the additional cost spent on going out all the time—and with a kitchen, you’re in control.

Finally, Don’t Stress About It

Traveling is a lot of fun and you can make healthy choices just by knowing a few great tips. It’s important to enjoy the authentic food and drinks at the new locations, but it can be done wisely or at least be off-set with extra activity. Set yourself up for success before you go, but don’t stress over it. Vacations are meant to be fun, so don’t make yourself feel guilty or stressed. Remember, small choices can make big changes, so plan your options to set yourself up for success beforehand and then go and enjoy yourself!


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