Hello, we are the Phelps family and we are from Colorado. We love to travel and to share our tips and tricks with others who share our passion as well as with those who may just need a little advice or inspiration. Some people may think that traveling as a young family with small children is too stressful (believe us, it does have its moments! 😉) but it’s always worth it and our boys love it too!

Our two favorite trips are going to Disney World and cruising. We are Disney World annual pass holders and Royal Caribbean diamond club members and we usually have a couple trips to look forward to in our plans. We also love visiting new places! So far we’ve logged 11 different countries and 18 US states, and the list keeps growing. Most of the time we all travel together, but sometimes we take trips with just a portion of the crew (just mom/dad and the boys, mom/dad and one boy, mom and dad and no boys…). No matter what, we can always share the memories.

The travel restrictions and lockdowns beginning in 2020 sure were tough for a family who loves to travel, but little by little places have started opening up again and we are learning how to navigate these new waters. Starting to travel after the pandemic can be intimidating, but we’ll be posting how to put your mind at ease or even give you inspiration to travel again. Come join us on the adventure!

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